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What to expect from our services

Updated: Apr 30

Your wedding day is one day in your life during which you should feel special from start to finish. It often involves travelling to different venues and locations to take pictures. We want to make sure that you feel special during these rides with our Belle.

Excellent Service & Passion 

We are here to make your day extra special. Belle comes with her own licensed chauffeurs, who are down to earth, friendly and yet very professional. They will go above and beyond to ensure your wedding day is every bit as wonderful as you imagined it would be.

We have a passion for classic cars and have collected over many years. The vintage charm and elegance that they bring to an event can't be matched by many other options during a special occasion. With this passion we keep our cars in top condition. We will arrive with "Belle" or the 2014 Luxury Caprice Stateman in pristine condition. Our chauffeur will be dressed in formal attire but will be in the shadows to avoid taking away any attention from the car/s

As the photo's show below the pristine mint condition we keep "Belle"

We highly recommend that you take the time to come and view "Belle" before the big day

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